LemSec was founded over a decade ago to manage equity investments for families and individuals. Our focus has not changed, although the services, tools, and resources we offer have evolved with our insights into markets and clients’ needs.

As an independent broker-dealer LemSec is an enabling partner to a team of investment advisors.

We believe that objective investment guidance is a fundamental need for everyone. And that strong client service is the key to ensure that the highest standards are delivered

Through our boutique and specialised offering, we enable our clients to focus on creating the personal, long-term relationships that are the foundation for turning aspirations into investment realities.

We’re focused on investment research, advise and management; we don’t engage in investment banking and proprietary trading, so we don’t face the conflicts of interest such businesses pose for other firms. And, we ensure that our clients’ interests come first and foremost.

When you entrust a LemSec adviser to serve as your investment adviser or manager, you become part of a team dedicated to integrity, trust and investment success.

Each team member has a strong grounding in client service, which ensures the highest standards are delivered. We provide clients with regular updates and open access to their adviser; we consider ongoing, two-way communication to be essential to ensuring client satisfaction. Our client focus is complimented by a passion for markets and investing. With access to resources both domestically and internationally, the team ensures that the latest ideas are scrutinised closely for investment opportunities.

Our Management Team

Our management team comprises of a dedicted, experienced professionals………

Our Expert Advisors

Our advisors are a team of professionals who are passionate about the markets, investment and client services………

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