At LemSec, we specialise in equities (shares) and listed investment strategies and solutions. For the past eleven years we have worked with clients to provide general equities advice, plus offer specialised opportunities.

To us, investing in shares is more than simply making a financial gain. It is also an opportunity for companies to expand, build new buildings, create jobs, offer better pay and conduct life-saving research. By specialising in this complex system, we help our clients understand the importance stocks play in our economy – not just their portfolios. We also help them make more informed decisions about their investments.

Our advisors view equities as a diverse part of an investment portfolio – and one that requires expert attention, understanding and time. As such our advisors specialise in developing the expert skills and knowledge to make fully informed investment decisions. They take the time to understand and apply their knowledge of the overall market, investment strategies and individual shares, to provide client’s with advice.

Our advisors are required to ask questions like:

  • What is the market doing now and what does historical analysis tell us it’s going to do in the short term?
  • Which indices and sectors are acting well and which are not?
  • What major events, both in the world of finance and the world at large, are going to affect the market’s performance?

In viewing equities as a specialised investment within a portfolio, we stress long-term objectives, diversification and a disciplined approach to advising and supporting our clients as they make their equity investments. We also believe in helping our clients neutralize the emotional pitfalls of investing.