Our Philosophy

Our Specialty

LemSec advisers understand that each asset class in your portfolio requires individual attention and that, as an investor, it is difficult to be an expert in everything. That is where we can help. We specialise in equities and view them as a diverse part of your portfolio – and one that requires expert attention.

Equities can be as diverse as all of your assets put together and, unless you are a fulltime investor, it can be difficult to manage the terrain of opportunities that exist in the fast-moving equities environment. For this reason, our advisers specialise in providing a variety of equities advice, strategies and solutions. Our team takes a professional approach to investing, thoroughly analyses the investment environment and works with you to identify your most appropriate opportunities. We stress long-term objectives, diversification and discipline – all of which can help you neutralize the emotional pitfalls of investing.

Adviser independence

We foster a culture of independence, giving each LemSec adviser complete freedom to offer you objective, unbiased advice. Your adviser can offer a variety of investment strategies to choose from that can goals.

Our Investment Approach

The LemSec team utilises two key investment methodologies when advising clients and believe this diversification of methodologies reduces risk, while increasing returns, and provides a significant advantage over more traditional investment philosophies.

Our two-step approach:

1 Fundamental Taking a top-down approach, we assess the economic environment to assist with identifying sectors of strength that enable us to focus on high-quality businesses.
2 Technical Our technical analysis allows us to look at the market objectively, identifying stocks that demonstrate relative strength to the relevant benchmark.

All investment strategies are closely reviewed in conjunction with constant market monitoring; this assessment is undertaken through a combination of fundamental analysis and market strength measurements.

Risk assessment

Risk management is key to our performance. We address risk in three ways:

1 Assess the market – Overall market conditions are objectively identified.
2 Diversify across assets – We diversify across asset classes, making sure our clients’ investment portfolios are in line with their individual risk profiles.
3 Diversify within portfolio – We diversify at a portfolio level with each individual portfolio holding a minimum of 20 stocks when fully invested, limiting the impact of a significant unavoidable loss.

Investment strategies are reviewed on a monthly, weekly or on daily basis, depending on the relevant timescales and methodology.

Information updates are carried out monthly, with full updates provided at the end of both the calendar and tax years. Our state-of-the-art systems provide full trade analysis during the last financial year across all strategies to ensure easy end-of-year accounting.

Snapshots of the investment strategies are published throughout the year on our Commentary and Research and detailed reporting is provided to clients on a biannual basis via email and can be mailed upon request.