Advisor Opportunities

Advisor independence

We believe every investment advisor should have the freedom to grow their practice in the way that suits them best. Our different affiliation options give you the flexibility to choose the level of support that’s right for you and your clients. We’re uniquely structured to put the control where it belongs – in your hands.

Other than you, nobody else in the business understands, respects or celebrates your independence like we do. So, the last thing we want to do is tell you how to run your practice. We simply supply the resources you’d expect to find at a boutique firm and deliver them with a uniquely singular customer focus so you can use them to grow the way you see fit.

If you’re looking to take control of your business – and your life – you may be on the verge of an exciting discovery. Welcome to a realm of new choices and support. Welcome to LemSec.

At LemSec, we embrace the independent entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why we trust you to determine the best course of action for your business. We trust you to create investment plans that will meet your clients’ goals and we back up our commitment to professionals like you. You will own your client base, and be allowed to develop and operate your business your way.

Partner with us

Since LemSec began, we have supported independence and been dedicated to a unique culture that’s focused on the advisor-client relationship. The LemSec team ensures that as advisor your have the freedom, control and resources to best help your clients achieve their investment goals. We are also focused on allowing advisors to grow their own practices and meet their professional goals…

Your business your choice

The investment advisory practice you’ve always wanted is waiting for you – all you have to do is make a choice. With LemSec, you’ll choose from a complete range of flexible, fully supported affiliation and payout options….

Resources & Support

To grow your business effectively, you need resources at your disposal. We’ve built a  suite of services, products and an integrated technology platform, as well as professional development tools and networks for you to employ as you see fit..

Meet Your Support Team

We have a team of experts at both management and support level with years of industry experience to support you and your business…..

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