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Outstanding service is something you offer your clients everyday. You might even say, in addition to your financial expertise, that service is your specialty. At LemSec, we strive to live up to the high standard you’ve set – providing the full-spectrum of resources and unwavering support to serve you just as well as you serve your clients.

Our boutique office in Sydney is home to a small team of equities investment specialists. We are also supported by analysts, experts and leaders who act as an extension of the experience and dedication you bring to your practice. To us, you’re the client and we work very hard to make you feel like one.

We’ve built a suite of services, products and an integrated technology platform, as well as professional development tools and networks for you to employ as you see fit. We provide our advisors with a complete product list, an extensive depth of services, support networks, a fully integrated technology platform, and the service area experts to support advisors and help them utilize our tools to ensure their success.

Because we strive to put service first, we follow a philosophy designed to ensure you have all the tools and information you need to keep your business running smoothly and growing steadily – whichever business model you choose:

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