Equity Research

At LemSec we combine an understanding of economic drivers with strong market knowledge and company and quantative analysis.

We provide independent solutions that are tailored, workable and easy apply.

We focus on emerging markets and work with a small group of hand picked company analysts who provide us with a unique offering that is timely, proactive, analytical and objective. We provide coverage over small to mid capitalisation companies focusing on:

  • Healthcare and Biotechnology
  • Information technology
  • Clean technology; and
  • Media.

We aim to identify companies which are under-valued, but well positioned for long-term growth. We provide a quarterly report that details economic trends along with sector reviews, individual company reports, quantative analysis and derivatives solutions. Our flexible and agile approach allows our team to identify growth sectors and swiftly initiate coverage on a broad range of opportunities and stocks.

To complement our own research efforts, we utilize quantitative techniques to monitor and assess trends across the Australian Stock Exchange with a focus on the top 200 stocks. We also subscribe to major market data/service providers such as Reuters and and Iress and receive research feeds from other providers with respect to both Australian equities and managed funds.

Within LemSec we also have expertise to provide advice on fixed interest and equity derivatives.

If you have any questions about our research capabilities please contact: Alice LeMessurier  E: alicel@lemsec.com.au

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