Fixed income offerings provide balance for all types of investors

A solid asset allocation strategy often includes investments from a range of investment classes, the broadest of which include stocks, fixed income  and cash. Investing in fixed income can be an important element in your investment portfolio, helping to potentially:

  • Reduce fluctuations in the your portfolio value
  • Enhance investment income
  • Prepare for future expenses

We can help you choose the most appropriate option for your circumstances.

Fixed income products generate income over a range of different investment time frames and risk profiles. As their performance generally has a low correlation to the share market, interest rate products can be a complement to your existing share portfolio.

We can help you make the most of your listed fixed income products.

What Fixed Income Products can we help you with?

We specialise in:

  • Listed hybrid securities – available for purchase through your stockbroker as they are listed on the ASX, hybrid securities combine both debt and equity traits.
  • Listed corporate debt securities – available for purchase through your stockbroker, debt securities can be either fixed or floating rate, perpetual or fixed maturity.
  • Income Generating Funds – funds who’s investment strategies are focused providing unit holders with a tax effective, regular distribution.

Our Team of Experts

Tony Lewis is our resident fixed income expert with over 40 years experience he will be able to assist you with your investment needs.

Traditional interest-bearing bonds pay interest on a regular basis, typically semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. The payments on these bonds are fixed, which means the amount you receive with each payment generally remains the same.

Though bonds are often used for their ability to generate income, it is also possible for them to turn into growth investments. This happens when interest rates drop below the interest rate the bond is receiving, which makes it an appealing investment for other investors and allows the investor holding the bond to sell the bond at a premium.

Investing in fixed-income securities involves certain risks, such as market risk if sold prior to maturity and credit risk especially if investing in high yield bonds, which have lower ratings and are subject to greater volatility. All fixed-income investments may be worth less than original cost upon redemption or maturity.