Our experts do the legwork with managed accounts

Our portfolio management team provides actively managed portfolio options for individual and institutional investors in a fee-based platform, with choices across a spectrum of strategies and risk profiles. Researchers conduct due diligence on stocks, funds, exchange-traded funds and other investment vehicles as part of a investment process. That process informs decisions with regard to manager selection, asset allocation and portfolio construction. For clients who prefer their advisors to manage their portfolios, high-quality research is provided.

Developing an investment strategy and managing a portfolio can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large number of assets and not a lot of time. Our managed portfolios can offer a structure and discipline investment process to your portfolio whilst also taking care of the paperwork and providing you with regular reports.

What we do?

Our team are dedicated to identifying investment opportunities that suit 3 major investment strategies income, balanced and growth. We work closely with clients to ensure they have a full understanding of their chosen investment strategies. We firmly believe that a client’s comprehension of their investment strategies empowers them to make the best possible decisions to reach their investment objectives.

We offer clients directed investment strategies, that offer the structure and discipline of working toward investment mandates as well as transparency and the ability for clients to be actively involved in the decision making process.

We can look after the day-to-day record keeping that comes with holding shares, managed funds, cash and other investments.

A tailored portfolios and investment offerings.

Protecting what you have built

You have worked hard and are now looking to perserve your savings. You are willing to take a some risk, but you want to ensure any investment decisions you make cannot result in a big loss for your portfolio. If this is you consider our income portfolio

Accumulate for the future

Often you don’t have a specific reason to save but still want to grow your investments over a long period of time. If this is you consider our core portfolio

Taking advantage of opportunities

You want access to new investment opportunities and are prepared to take a risk. If this sounds like  you consider our growth portfolio

Protect and Increase Income

If you wish to increase your income and protect from a downturn in the market clients may take up the opportunity to invest in our covered call strategy.  Covered calls are widely viewed as a conservative options strategy that can help to achieve this goal. To find out how they work please follow this link

Our Service

  • Direct share ownership without the burden of paperwork. Let us handle the administration such as actioning corporate actions, dealing with share registries, reconciling income on your investments, while you focus on optimising your portfolio’s performance.
  • Ongoing reporting. We provide ongoing reporting on your investment portfolio including: holdings, valuations, transactions, income received, cash movements and end of year tax reporting.

Our Team of Experts

Contact Alice LeMessurier  if you are considering one of our managed portfolio offerings. She manages the portfolios closely with our research team and options experts

  • Monitoring and portfolio adjustment recommendations
  • Investment and risk profiling, assets and funds allocation
  • Access to relevant research and company updates
  • Ability to view account holdings and transactions online through our partner Sharesight
  • A complete administration, accounting and reporting service – including full reporting, corporate actions management, quarterly reporting and annual tax report.
  • Beneficial ownership – retain complete control of your assets
  • $250,000 suggested minimum investment

All portfolios hold a combination of ASX listing stocks and derivatives, cash and in some instances funds or overseas holdings.

  • Two fee options – managed fee structure with reduced brokerage or straight brokerage model.
  • Fees are generally tax deductible (but check with a tax professional).